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In 2015 Cobain was born, from the iconic name of one of the most revolutionary rock stars of the last 30 years.

A brand that feeds on wineries, pubs, sweat and Rock'N'Roll, an outlet for Manuel Badu Roncoroni (singer / designer)

and Fabrizio Magnus Allegri (bassist / creative) to give life to a partnership that aims to make people dream. The project?

Being unique when talking about Rock, putting all the musical and creative experience accumulated "on the road" into it.

The quality of the product, the passion for making the packaging by hand, the washed tags and all that is detail becomes important and rewarding if done for our customer. Cobain is therefore a brand with an important task: to create designs that have a "true" meaning, which come from visual and musical expressions subject to artistic transformation.

The artworks, rigorously handmade, develop between irony and irreverence, mix the iconic world of comics, underlining its more noir soul (the bad ones are always more intriguing than the good ones); with the great characters of rock and hard rock music, you will find Bowie's flash between Mickey's ears, you will have a beer with Snow White, you will invent a bass-line with a Lemmy / rabbit, you will convert the good old Pac-man to music Punk.


Cobain is currently distributed online but it is a brand that should be found right here. In the most difficult place to find it. In our virtual cellar between an old Marshall amp, a pile of vinyls and a Fender that's always ready to scream.

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